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31.10.2017 POST FROM SKAS

Hello everyone

As most of you know what happend to the Revive Network, we have to tell you that Dead or Alive is going to change the Network. We will switch from Revive to BF2HUB, so please tell everyone that BF2 is not going to die!

As you read this, we alrady set up a 64 slot Jala INF SERVER on the BF2HUB Network. It´s up and ready to play! We all hope to see you on bf2hub.com Network!

As long as the server runs on revive, we will have a Jala Server on both networks! Please be ready to make the switch when Revive shuts down BF2.

I minor drawback like this will not stop us!

Just go on www.bf2hub.com and download the bf2hub Launcher!
You can play with your old Revive cd key and the game you downloaded from revive!

In case you have the old game lying around with an old cd key you can also use that and log into bf2hub with your old account!

Nothing more to say. See you on the Battlefield!

Cheers, SKAS


18.09.2017 POST FROM SKAS

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dead or Alive is back in the Game!

We are back online with two servers in BF2. As you know, we are an old Jalalabad Clan that keeps up the old tradition of Jalalabad only. In the past we did it this way, and it will also be our way in the upcoming time of Bf2.

Just in case we are getting bored of playing Jala all day long, we now also have a vehicle server running!
This will hopefully keep increase our skills on other maps, too! To sometimes have a change of scenery from Jala only.

Overall I'd like to say something about the recruitment system that we have changed form our past time!
In the past we had a application system and we welcomed almost every person into the clan! We will not do it this way again.
We will only recruit people that suit our clan how it is composed at the moment. So how to do it to be one of us?
Simple awnser!

Play with us
Talk with us
Stay with us

If these 3 points are passed, and you and us enjoy our time together, you can join us and become a full member.

Nothing more to say than see you guys on the Battlefield!

Cheers, SKAS



79days 10h ago 
hey SW! first of all i feel sry for you and your situation!but dont say it like this i never said
79days 10h ago 
go get cancer! i said if you lie to me agin infront of all this ppl go burn in hell
79days 10h ago 
you had the chance to make things right! you fuckit it up youserlve so dont look back and say its
79days 10h ago 
his foult or his foult look back and look what you made wrong in your life and make sure u find
79days 10h ago 
65days 12h ago 
hi bitches
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